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Passerel Translations

Specialised Translation Services

Crossing barriers together

Entering new markets? We love to help you.

Amazing value - that 96% of our clients is recurrent, tells its own story


Successful business is all about successful communication.


Do you need a contract translated? A lawsuit? Appeal? Adjuster’s report? Top quality legal translation expertly applied to avoid potentially serious misunderstandings and problems.


Technical writing demands specialist technical translation skills. The attention your specialised products and services deserve.


Specialist pharmaceutical translation skills are essential to the success of your pharmaceutical product or medical device.

Translation and Interpretation

We help companies to grow in an international and multicultural environment

How can we help you?


Your business is unique. Your culture, your philosophy, your voice. That’s why we not only work hard to understand exactly who you are, we find out the essential purpose of any piece of work we translate. [+]


They say clarity trumps persuasion. They’re right. The simplest, most effective way to share your value, to win new business, is through crystal clear communication - a shared meaning, a shared understanding. [+]


Unsure about the quality of your existing translations? Concerned there may be errors? Perhaps you’d just like a fresh pair of eyes to go over them. Our expert proofreading and editing service makes sure that whatever your sector... [+]


Could your translations benefit from a lift? A splash of colour? A little added eloquence? Panache? Our editing and correction service breathes new life into tired and ineffective words. Fresh, thinking and... [+]


Success over time is all about quality and consistency. Consistent quality is key. That’s why we create a translation memory for each of our clients. A translation memory is a tool that stores matched original text and... [+]


International expansion demands an international approach to marketing - to websites, advertisements and sales and marketing tools. That’s why our multilingual Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and... [+]

The quality you are looking for

Carefully tailored translation services for you

Opinions of our clients

  • "We are very satisfied with the professionalism of services offered by Passerel Translations in terms of quality and meeting deadlines, as well as their team’s attentive and personalised touch."

    RBA Libros
    • Mónica Nicieza
    • RBA
  • "Our activity in Spain requires a quick, professional and quality translation service. From the get go, Passerel showed that it could adjust exactly to our requirements. They have always been transparent and committed regarding deadlines, and this is a key factor for me."

  • "We trust Passerel Translations with the translation of documents that are key for international expansion. We always receive highly satisfactory results in terms of quality and deadlines."

    Easy Trans-International
  • "A professional and efficient company. We have worked with Passerel Translations for quite some time and have always received high quality results. We always count on their help with very urgent translations."

  • "With Passerel, we have found a translation agency that respects the technical specifications of each project. Translations are done by expert translators in that field. In this way, we can respect the educational content, independent of the language it is written in."