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Passerel Translations offers you the comprehensive translation and interpretation services you are seeking.

Some of the more commonly requested languages for translation are Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Arabic...

We’ve already helped countless clients win new business in new markets. What about you? Can we help you too?


Our mission? To help you grow your business internationally. To make your business more profitable. To make your life easier.

Guidance? Advice? Document translation? Conference and meeting interpretation? We can help.

Specialist translation expertise in:

Your business is unique. Your culture, your philosophy, your voice. That’s why we not only work hard to understand exactly who you are, we find out the essential purpose of any piece of work we translate. Either we translate from Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, or any other language.

That’s why we assign specialist translation and proofreading teams. Your own experts, skilled in creating your own language database and terminology resource for quick, clear communication.

And because our translators only translate into their mother tongue, because they understand your specialist vocabulary and because they all use the latest translation tools, you can have 100% translation confidence.

Simply upload your documents to our secure online translation platform.

With three distinct service levels, there is bound to be a translation service to suit.

If you are unsure which service is right for you do please call and we can advise.


They say clarity trumps persuasion. They’re right. The simplest, most effective way to share your value, to win new business, is through crystal clear communication - a shared meaning, a shared understanding.

With no room for misinterpretation, no danger of misunderstanding, communication is pure, is powerful, either in Greek, English, German or any other language.

If you’re business and your livelihood relies on pure and powerful communication, then don’t trust to chance. Trust us.

Our experienced interpreters make sure you get it right - every time.

Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation you are seeking.



Our two-step translation review process is specially designed to ensure that every piece of work we supply reads naturally and is error free.

First our professional reviewers compare the original text against the translation.

We then read the translated text, correcting as we go, to make sure that every word, every sentence, every phrase is perfectly placed - that your text reads smoothly and reads naturally.

The result? Quick, high quality, great value translations.

Exactly what you need to build your business abroad.


Unsure about the quality of your existing translations? Concerned there may be errors? Perhaps you’d just like a fresh pair of eyes to go over them.

Our expert proofreading and editing service makes sure that whatever your sector, whatever your speciality, your translations are always perfectly worded - always working their hardest for you and your business.


Could your translations benefit from a lift? A splash of colour? A little added eloquence? Panache?

Our copywriting service breathes new life into tired and ineffective words. Fresh, thinking and fresh opportunities for you to touch the hearts and minds of your readers.

We’ll take your text and make it sparkle in the light, make it sing.

We’ll tease the beauty, the truth from its soul. All you have to do is enjoy better, stronger, more profitable relationships with your customers.

International marketing at it’s very best.

Feel the glow of business growth, the warm compliments of your contemporaries… the cool envy of your competition.

We’ve a team of writers ready and waiting to share your messages in style, with clarity, with credibility and with conviction.

Writing to help you grow your international business.

Try us.


Success over time is all about quality and consistency. Consistent quality is key.

That’s why we create a translation memory for each of our clients.

A translation memory is a tool that stores matched original text and its translations. Great at maintaining consistent writing style and terminology you set the linguistic guidelines that define your company’s linguistic preferences - we follow them meticulously.

Delivering consistent quality over time a translation memory, an ideal way to build a solid, professional brand image.


International expansion demands an international approach to marketing - to websites, advertisements and sales and marketing tools.

That’s why our multilingual Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultancy is such an important part of our service.

Specialist in the language of international marketing - the keywords, the sales messages, the Pay Per Click (PPC), the social media, we work closely with target market SEO and SEM experts to make sure that our clients always get the visibility they need - be it through paid search or organic search rankings.

Of course our translations help clients introduce products and services into new markets. And yes, we help clients sell with clarity, credibility and conviction. But what’s the point of great translation and great marketing copy if nobody reads it? If your website can’t be found? If the wrong keywords leave you are buried on page 37 of the search results?

The equation is simple - the more visible you are online, the more traffic you get. And the more traffic you enjoy the more opportunity you have to make sales.

We make that happen.