The simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation you are seeking


They say clarity trumps persuasion. They’re right. The simplest, most effective way to share your value, to win new business, is through crystal clear communication - a shared meaning, a shared understanding.


Normally used in small groups of no more than three people whispered interpreting lets the speaker talk freely and uninterrupted. As they talk the interpreter whispers the translation to the listeners.

When they want to take part in the conversation, the interpreter simply switches to consecutive interpreting.


The most common form of interpreting at presentations, speeches, etc., consecutive interpreting or consecutive translation means the interpreter translates sentence by sentence or provides a summary of several sentences when the speaker pauses.

Because the interpreter repeats everything the speaker says, the conversation or presentation will last twice as long.

Consecutive interpreting is used primarily for presentations, speeches and in person or long distance business meetings involving small groups of people.

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No interpreter in your meeting? No problem. Telephone interpreting could be exactly what you need.

Just call us with a date and time of your conference call and we’ll take care of the interpretation.

Use either your office telephone in speaker mode or let us arrange a conference call with up to 100 participants.

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Simultaneous interpreting or simultaneous translation - the best way to make your multilingual congress, presentation or conference a success.

Our expert interpreters and translators are multilingual mean that speakers to all able express themselves in their mother tongues. At the same time, listeners also have the opportunity to ask questions in their own languages.


Simultaneous interpreting is the real-time interpretation of speech from a soundproof booth. Put simply, each speaker’s microphone is connected to each listener’s headset via the interpreter and their interpretation.

The advantages to using soundproof booths:

    – interpreters do not have to be near the speaker; they can even be in another room;
    – listeners who do not need translation do not hear what the interpreter is saying, so no one is bothered;
    – interpreters can concentrate on their work;
    – interpreters can follow the speaker without interruption or distraction.

Demanding work, interpreters work in teams of two per language combination, alternating about every thirty minutes.

The key to simultaneous interpretation success? Preparation. Ideally preparation using client materials such as presentations, videos, marketing materials and even questions to the speaker.

Your next congress, presentation or conference? Hand on heart are you 100% confident your simultaneous interpreting at will be as good as it should be?

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